2019 Boys New York State Rankings
Final Rankings - FINAL
NISCA Power Point scores alone do not decide state rankings.
Final rankings are decided as follows:

1) An actual dual meet during the season will take highest priority in rankings, unless there is a huge discrepancy between the schools in powerpoints/common opponents in mock meet results (this is rare but did happen this year).
2) Considerations will be given regarding mock meet scores vs. common opponents.
3) If teams are 50 or fewer powerpoints apart, the mock meet will take priority.
4) If two teams are 51 or more powerpoints apart, and the lower powerpoint team is the winner in the mock meet, the two teams will be deemed a tie.
5) Some schools powerpoints were adjusted due to input errors by the teams.  These were corrected to the best of knowledge.
6) Many hours were spent tallying these mock meets by hand, this is not an exact science, it's the best we have in determining state rankings under the current system.  Hopefully in the future, these rankings will be decided in the pool instead of on paper.

Teams are classified as Large School (950+ students) and Small School (<950 Students).
Teams desiganed with a * - are non-Public schools and their overall position is their rank.
Enrollment numbers are based on 9 - 12 (not their BEDS enrollment).

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